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News  > April 13, 2017

MCAF unveils its 2017 poster by Boum

After several teasers, MCAF is proud to present Boum’s poster for the 6th edition of the festival.

A friend of MCAF since 2012, Boum (Samantha Leriche-Gionet) is an accomplished artist from Montreal. 

A dynamic thirty-something, involved mom and proud geek, Boum appeals, thanks to her aura, from Montreal to Vancouver.

At age seven, while some girls might aspire to become princesses or singers, she finds a new career goal during a family trip to Disney World, where she visits an animation studio; her newfound passion is cartoons.

She studies at the cegep du Vieux Montreal and at Concordia University;

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News  > April 4, 2017

CONTEST Montreal 375th

For the 375th anniversary of Montreal, the MCAF, Studio Lounak and the Campus Pivaut hold their first contest! The comic drawing contest for young talents is open to all artists (not published) over 15 years old.

Whether you want to do this for a living or just like to draw, you are welcome to participate and try to win one of these three amazing prizes!

1st prize: a year of evening class at Campus Pivaut for a value of 2000$
2nd prize: three sessions of evening class at Campus Pivaut for a value of 1500$
3rd prize: one session of evening class at Campus Pivaut for a value of 500$

All the comic strip and drawing of the contestants will be display in an exhibition at the Montreal Comic Arts Festival (26 to 28 May).

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#MonChoixBD  > April 3, 2017

François’ choice

Don’t be afraid to say that you love comics arts whether you are a baker, a cook, a truck driver or an artist. Comics Art is hot and you can say it. For 2017, we have surprises for those who will use #MonchoixBD
Share your reading !

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News  > March 7, 2017

François’ Message

Since 2012, we have been working hard to organize the Montreal Comics Arts Festival and give a wonderful time to comics arts lovers.

Six years ago, we had big goals: to create a lasting event that would promote the work of local and international comic book artists. Out goes the cliché: the ninth art is not a subculture! It’s the kind of art that raises questions and claims its place, the kind of art that is a representation of a multitude of histories and stories from all around the world.

Today, comics are part of Montreal’s culture and this energy emerges from independent bookstores,

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News  > February 22, 2017


Greetings everybody !

Our 6th edition of the Montreal Comic Arts Festival (MCAF) will soon take place and this year we want YOU to be part of it. We are looking for people who can run a workshop related to comics and its multiple angles.

Whatever your ideas we are open to YOUR proposals. We are looking for activities related to history, social issues, sciences, gender studies, ecology, Japanese culture and introductions to coding.

Since 2012, YOU make this celebration of the Ninth Art possible. YOU keep this event alive and that is why we wanted to give YOU more space.

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News  > January 17, 2017

The MCAF, finalist for the 32nd Grand Prix du Conseil des Arts

The Montreal Comic Arts Festival is being honoured as a finalist of the 32nd Grand Prix du Conseil des arts

With our five-year anniversary, we are reaching a new step! The ninth art is now officially recognized by the government, a proof of our Festival’s importance and vitality in Montreal’s culture.

For Nathalie Maillé, executive director for the Conseil des arts:

“Every year, the Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal is an opportunity to celebrate the true creative heart of our city, one that not only makes Montreal’s reputation but also makes it such a unique place”.

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News  > November 17, 2016

Save the date for 2017

Here we go again!

The 6th edition of Montreal Comic Art Festival is on this way and we are so ready for this new adventure!

This year we will celebrate History and even if you need to wait a few weeks to get more details, you can already save those dates:


April 18th

Unveiling of the official poster of the festival created by Boum.


May 1st

Beginning of the Mois de la BD in Montreal. It will be the perfect time to discover the best artists from Quebec.

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News  > June 15, 2016

Thanks you folks!

Five years of MCAF, the fifth edition was explosive and we were happy to welcome you. We work hard so you can celebrate the best of comics, comic strips and enjoy the Ninth Art from Quebec and around the world.

You were more than 10 000 to visit and support the Montreal Comic Art Festival and we are thankful for your great participation.

We want to thank our wonderful partners, our sponsors and our volunteers. This event could not have been possible without the help of the Espace Lafontaine and all the MCAF Team.

We are very excited about the upcoming 6th edition of the Montreal Comic Art Festival and we wish to see you there !

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News  > May 17, 2016

Yo, youngsters!

You’re aged 7 or 107, it doesn’t matter… we know you’re young at heart if you visit this page and our Festival. We’re hoping that this year, many people will discover through us the joy of comic books. And let’s be honest… those that don’t need much convincing are the young people. So, we created a bunch of activities – all free! – just for them! Well, the parents can be there too, of course.

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Bulletin board  > May 14, 2016

Chester Brown loves Nancy Chan

What can we say about Chester Brown that you don’t already know? The acclaimed author of the excellent Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography – which by the way was turned into a play and was great – will be with us this year to present us his newest masterpiece, Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus. We just can’t wait! Here’s what he had to answer to our 5 questions.

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